Facilitated by Diane McCormick

Back in May 2021, Lough Neagh Partnership offered local people the opportunity to take part in our remote clay workshops.  Participants borrowed a sterilised Home Craft Kit which contained tools, equipment and clay.  They then made their own clay art piece by following an online video tutorial which had been filmed by local ceramic artist Diane McCormick.  The kits and finished clay pieces were later collected, under strictly controlled conditions, and Diane fired everyone’s work in her kiln.

Over 50 people took the chance to make something special at home and the talent and creativity was amazing.  Some of the pieces were returned to the participants and others have been incorporated into a large public artwork on permanent display in the Craic Theatre in Coalisland.

These pictures show the work before firing, along with pictures of the finished pieces, glazed, fired and mounted in the finished artpiece, named “InterAct”, in the foyer of the Craic Theatre, Coalisland.

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